These Handouts and Worksheets Will Teach Your Students Never to Use "Very"

Luke Palder
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Picture this: You're halfway through class when you realize your lesson isn't going to fill the whole period. How do you keep your students engaged and learning? Fill any unexpected free time in your classes by challenging students to learn new vocabulary and avoid the weak word "very."

First, give them our handout that lists 128 words to use instead of "very" (example). You can even give them these 128 flashcards we prepared (example).

Then, put their new knowledge to the test with multiple-choice quizzes, crossword puzzles, word scrambles, and word searches. They'll train your students to choose stronger words in their writing and everyday conversations. 

What do you get?

  • The handout (example)
  • 128 flashcards (example)
  • 3 crossword puzzles (example)
  • 5 multiple-choice quizzes with answer keys (example)
  • 6 word scrambles (example)
  • 1 word search (example)
  • And the peace of mind that your class will never run short again

What's the price?

The handout, flashcards, and 15 worksheets are available as a packet of printable guides for whatever price you feel is fair. (The suggested price for the package is $8, about the same as that favorite mug that always disappears from the teachers' lounge.)

How do I get the whole package?

Get the handout, flashcards, and worksheets by entering any price you think is fair into the box.

1 rating
  • 1
  • 128
  • 15
  • 1Handout
  • 128Flashcards
  • 15Worksheets


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These Handouts and Worksheets Will Teach Your Students Never to Use "Very"

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