1,574 Flashcards All English Learners Need to Have

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Expanding your vocabulary, using new words in sentences, and recognizing common idioms and sayings are essential parts of learning English and communicating with native speakers.

These seven sets of flashcards contain a whopping 1,574 cards, with vocabulary and sample sentences suitable for learners of all ages and all English levels—and they're a great tool for English teachers, too!

Below are sample pages of the seven flashcard decks:

438 Idioms Every English Learner Should Know

Understanding idioms is an important part of becoming fluent in English, but these common phrases can be confusing even for advanced speakers. With the help of these fun flashcards, you can learn the most popular sayings, and communicating with other English speakers will be a piece of cake (simple)!

49 Tricky Words with Multiple Meanings

Some English words have two or even three meanings, and telling them apart in writing can be tricky. Use these challenging flashcards to learn all the meanings of some common English words.

354 Flashcards You Can Use to Study Homophones

Homophones such as "too" and "to" can trip up even the most careful English writers. Test your knowledge using real sentences with these fun flashcards, perfect for use in the classroom or at home.

65 Words That Describe Sights, Smells, Sounds, Textures, and Tastes

The five senses are how we all experience the world, so having the vocabulary to describe those experiences is important. With these flashcards, you can challenge yourself to use new English words to describe food, scenery, and much more.

176 Synonym Pairs You Need to Know

Learning synonyms, words that have the same meaning, is a fun way to expand your English vocabulary. As a game with friends or on your own, train yourself to recognize useful synonym pairs with these fun flashcards.

424 Antonym Pairs You Need to Know

Quizzing yourself on antonym pairs, which are words that have opposite meanings, is a fun way to help you learn new vocabulary. Challenge yourself to identify the opposites of some common English words with these flashcards.

128 Words to Use Instead of "Very"

The word "very" adds so little to sentences that editors generally delete it or use a different word instead. For example, "very hot" becomes "sweltering" and "very cold" becomes "freezing." Use these flashcards to learn strong words for descriptions in English writing and everyday conversation.

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1,574 Flashcards All English Learners Need to Have

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